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I’ve been neglecting everything beside basal in both an attempt to feel normal and bc i just can never keep taking care of myself bc of the weight gain. its taken forever but im finally dropping weight and while i know i should be trying harder to keep myself alive i just cant bring myself to care and am afraid to gain anymore weight

 - Anon

I know how insulin restricting can seem like an option for weight loss, but it isn’t long lasting, and often leads to other health problems. It can actually cause some weight gain as well, because of the bloating it can cause and the way that it changes your metabolism. I know it’s hard to lose weight as a diabetic, but restricting insulin will only make weight loss harder in the long run. Please be strong and treat yourself kindly <3 - Admin

Diabulimia Helpline 1-425-985-3635


Diabetics With Eating Disorders Tumblr

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So, I did something a while ago and I’m not sure what. But not I have a circular open wound on my fourth toe and I want to go to the doctor and get it checked but well, I have scars on my legs from being a dumb teenager and self harming. I’m afraid that if anyone sees that they’ll be mad or disappointed. What should I do?

- Anon

As a diabetic, please go get it checked. Feet are the most dangerous spots to have open wounds and you should see your doctor to get it treated. Doctors can also help with referrals when it comes to self-harming. - Admin

Also, just in case you need it:

Self-harm Helpline 1-888-610-2045

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I’m going out of town with a friend this weekend. I’m 15 and I’ve never been so far away from my parents and I am extremely nervous that I will have a complication or a seizure (never had one) and no one will be able to help me. I am bringing my glucagon and lots of quick snacks and regular pop just in case, but I’m still anxious. Do you have any tips about getting over this?

- Anon

I still get a little anxious sometimes about this. What helps me is making lists and plans. If ___ happens, here are the things I need and here’s what I need to do. Then I feel like I won’t be caught off guard if something does happen. Any other tips?

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Hi! I’m supposed to be going into see my endo tomorrow and last time I was there they gave me info on three different pumps which I’m gonna go talk to them about tomorrow but I was hoping to hear from people who had used them too. I have stuff for the OmniPod, the Medtronic Paradigm Revel & the t:slim pump. Does anyone have one of these and love it or hate it?? Any thoughts would be really appreciated :) thanks!!


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