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carb counting kinda sucks

I was diagnosed ~18 years ago and I’ve had my pump since last May. I’ve also done a year of culinary training at college, which basically gave me the skills to work out the carbs for any recipe. However it involves measuring absolutely everything.

I used to do it a lot but it’s only easy for single serving meals. Or things like muffins so you can just be like, “okay 12 muffins per batch, divide the total recipe carbs by 12, bam it’s X carbs per muffin”. Sandwiches are easy, it’s a single serving and it’s just like, bread + fillings. But to measure a multi serving meal I need to find the volume of the whole pot of chili or w/e and do tedious math on it and eat out of a measuring cup. So, I COULD be really precise with my carbcounting but ugh, its a lot of work.

So, for that reason I hardly ever try new recipes and tend to eat easy-to-measure prepackaged stuff a lot. And then my dad recommends cookbooks that give nutritional info for the recipes, except then they don’t even say how much a “serving” is, and blah blah blah. I feel weird because everything I eat has to be measured. Anything that has carbs, I drink out of either 125mL or 250mL measuring glasses.

tl;dr diabetes involves math, carb counting sucks.

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i use diasend to share my pump data (sugars, boluses, pretty much everything) with my diabetes nurse. but since i know she’ll see everything, i find myself lying to my pump and putting off testing because i don’t want her to see i’m being “bad” (eating too much carbs, going hours with no insulin in my pump, etc) i know i should just change my habits, but its difficult. plus sugar can sort of make my adhd easier to deal with in the short term so i tend to go heavy on carbs.

- Anon

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this is such a simple thing, but i’m canadian and i always get confused when american diabetics say their sugar was like, 300 or something. i’d need a conversion chart to even guess whether thats a good or bad number lol. its literally the fahrenheit/celsius thing but with blood sugars

- Anon

ME TOO! But the reverse. lol Here’s an awesome conversion chart by the Joslin Center: BG Conversion 

- Admin

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I’m in college and I don’t drink, and I don’t really understand the appeal of drinking until you’re throwing up or passing out. You know you’re gonna feel bad, right? But then I do stuff like putting off changing my pump set and snacking without taking insulin, which is fun at the time but makes me feel physically awful once my BG is thru the roof. So, yeah I’m kinda hypocritical.

- Anon

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I am turning 18 soon, 16 in dia years. I have aches in my legs and protein in my urine and can’t stop thinking about how soon I will probably die. Even if it isn’t soon, life will be so painful that it would have been better to be over sooner. I’m not even a legal adult and I am preparing my death. (not by my own hands, by this disease)

- Anon

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I reduced my carbs so much, I barely eat 30g a day. I also take metformin more than I should to take less insulin, afraid of gaining weight. I’m so afraid of the consequences my unhealthy habits can bring, but I cannot stop bc I also hate highs :(

- Anon

Hey, feel free to message me if you want to talk. I’ve experienced similar things when I tried taking Victoza. - Admin

Diabulimia Helpline 1-425-985-3635


Diabetics With Eating Disorders Tumblr

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