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I cried last night because I checked my blood and it was 419. I have a problem with not really checking, and the most recent one before that was 270. I cried so much because I’m tired of being sick and hating myself. It showed how much my entire life is falling apart, and I have no idea what I’m gonna do. I’m only 15, and I’m so, so scared.

- Anon

I know it gets hard, but you can do it! High numbers suck, and all you can do is accept it, learn from it, and try again. You’re not alone, please stay strong! <3

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I have a history of self harm and depression, starting from before my diagnosis. I was getting better, and hadn’t hurt myself for a while, but after finding out, I’ve come close. My depression is back worse than ever as well, and I’m trying hard not to let my parents catch on to it, but it’s so hard. When I get really bad and really just hate myself or I don’t feel anything, I think about how easy it would be to just stop taking my insulin and let myself fade away. I’m terrified of what I’ll do.

- Anon

Please stay strong, you’re a wonderful person! <3

Self-harm Helpline 1-888-610-2045


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I don’t normally get ranty about what other people decide to post online.However one FB post I saw from my friend absolutely disgusted me.She’s going to be A FUTURE NURSE and yet she shows a total lack of care about other people. Coming back from a night out she put “When the taxi driver last night found out I was doing Nursing he felt the need to spill out his heart about his diabetes.All I wanted to do was enjoy my burger”


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I’ve had diabetes for 7 years this May and have struggled with diabulimia and not taking my insulin for about 4 years. My mother has often called me “selfish” for what she see’s as self harm (not taking my insulin) even though I see it as a way to escape. She often tells me I should just take my own life now and get it over and done with. There’s also a chance I have early lymphatic cancer. That’s the first time I’ve said it since I found out. Trying to stay strong.

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I was recently talking to my boyfriend about having kids. Obviously we talked about how diabetes could make that really challenging and he hated the thought of something going wrong. He said that he didn’t wanna think about that anymore and I couldn’t help but be jealous because he can stop thinking about it whenever he wants. I have this chronic illness though and I’m forced to think of everything that could go wrong every single moment I’m awake and I hate it.

- Anon

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Anonymous asked: My health teacher told the class that type one diabetes skips a generation and that if one sibling has it, it is likely that another will as well. While my endocrinologist said that type ones are born with a genetic predisposition that increases your risk, type one diabetes itself is not genetic. So, I'm extremely confused.

That’s not all entirely true, there’s a lot more detail than that. Sometimes type 1 can skip a generation, and sometimes siblings will have it together, but that is not always the case. They don’t actually know what causes T1 diabetes, they just know that some sets of genes have a predisposition and higher chance of becoming T1. However, there’s NO family history in my family, and I’m the only one in my family who has it, my 3 siblings don’t. Your endo was more accurate there. Sometimes the predisposition just means that you’re more likely to get an autoimmune disease, whether it’s diabetes or some other autoimmune disease.

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Sometimes I get really angry at the boxes that the blood sugar testers come in, with the picture of the great reading on the front, like, “oooh, invisible fake person, you got a 92, bully for yooooooou, must be nice to be so perfect all the time”

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In the past I have taken too much of my gliclazide in order to require hospital admission, because I wanted the attention. The last occasion I ended up unconscious in resus. The fear has kept me away from this behaviour for several years, but recently the temptation is back again, and I hate myself for this. 

- Admin

Please stay strong! You don’t need to hate yourself for anything you feel - if you feel the temptation then you just feel it. Try to turn that hate into self-care and reach out for help if the temptation gets to strong. <3


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All endocrinologist lie. They learn it in medical school. The complications of diabetes are largely related to their incompetance and arrogance. Their silly meal plans have casue malnutrition in Type 1 diabteics. Malnuturtirion- they can’t even recognize it. They are now experimenting with us by stalking our homes. workplaces, friends and family all under the guise “They are looking for a new paradigm in treatment” Sounds like more lies. Plus they tend to be perverts and like people to look like anorexic children from ww2.

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